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FHI of Atlanta


 Our Approach Is To Get To The  Cause Of The Problem And Find Out Why Things Are Happening.

We are an alternative...we are purposefully outside the norm on behalf of those individuals for whom the common approach is not beneficial. 

Why Take a Different Approach to Endocrine Function?

We believe that the human body contains all the intelligence necessary to run at its peak for a lifetime. It is our understanding that fundamental breakdowns in normal function precede all disease processes. Identification of these imbalances and restoration to normal function are critical to taking control of your health. 

When key nutrients become deficient, many metabolic processes are affected. The body may initially try to compensate for such imbalances. However, if they are prolonged, they may contribute to hormonal issues, metabolic disorders, increase in toxic load, oxidative stress, organ weakness, etc. The latest scientific research can help to identify a person’s nutritional needs and customize an effective regimen of nutrients.  

The cornerstone of an effective health strategy is a nutritional and lifestyle plan that is based on your biochemistry. What your body needs is revealed in your BLOOD TEST!

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